Google Unexplained Phenomenon Logo Doodle

This section last updated on September 17, 2009 2009 at 7:52pm EST

So Google is back at their “Unexplained Phenomenon” mystery, except this time the “L” has been adbucted instead of the “O”. This special logo doodle has a field with a UFO hovering over the first “O” in the Google logo. In addition, it looks like the the very top of the missing “L” has what resembles to be a green tracktor, possibly symbolizing this is all a hoax crafted by Google and their damn green tracktor they have parked out back in the office parking lot! Well, not really. We are 99.9% sure we have this whole thing finally figured out. Read on my friend…


This time, the name of the logo is goog_e.gif.

Furthermore, on the Google Twiter page there is yet another hidden code!

The code says 51.327629, -0.5616088, which looks to us like coordinates.

A quick look on Google Maps shows us the following address…

1-7 Woodham Rd
Woking, Surrey GU21 4, UK

Another Google search for this address helps us finally solve this (we think lol).

H.G. Wells’ Birthday on September 21st

The address goes to a street exactly 1 mile from the H.G. Wells Conference & Events Centre which is located at:

H.G. Wells Conference & Events Centre
Church Street East
GU21 6HJ

In addition, one of our commentors on this site (under the name “M” for post #508) found something worth mentioning.

Woking also plays a role in literature: it is the town in which the Martians first land in H. G. Wells’ science fiction novel The War of the Worlds. It also features in Douglas Adams’s The Meaning of Liff, as the word for when you go to the kitchen but forget why. [Wikipedia]

Needless to say, we had actually hinted at HG Wells birthday with the first UFO Google logo. Crazy huh.

This new UFO Google doogle comes just 10 days after they had another special doodle linked to a search for “unexplained phenomena.” (see below)

So is the puzzle finally solved? Who knows for sure, except for Google. If it’s for a new Google service or product coming out, we sure hope the name of it is Google Wells or something (hehe). If this is a wild goose chase for nothing, then damn Google got us good. Just in case, we will give you “props” early on. Nice one guys!

If it’s not for HG Wells then what do you think?

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