Google Logo Doodle Mystery Solved

The Google logo mystery has finally been solved without a doubt! And we were right! What’s the answer you’re asking?

H.G. Wells’ Birthday on September 21st

Google has posted a new logo doodle today, which directs users to a search for H.G. Wells. Furthermore, if you leave your mouse over the logo doodle for a couple seconds you will see it says “Birthday of H.G. Wells”, which pretty much confirms our theory without a doubt.


This time, the name of the logo is hgwells09.gif.

So that’s it folks. Looks like our time here is done. Happy Birthday Mr. H.G. Wells! Feel free to read some of the theories other people had regarding this in our comments section below. And if you’re interested in reading some more facts about H.G. Wells, please feel free to check his page on Wikipedia.

We’re actually hoping that Google does this every month. It was a fun puzzle/mystery that kept a lot of us entertained trying to figure out. Thanks guys! If you’re reading this, do it again next month! Now, back to other things on the web. See ya!

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